Smart Destinations ‘White Label’ Program Aims to Save Travelers Even More

This past April, Smart Destinations, the company behind the New York Explorer Pass as well as similar passes available in 14 different cities, introduced its new “White Label” Program. The idea is to offer these so-called white label services and products to partners in the travel industry as a means to spread the influence and availability of its Explorer and Go City Cards. The program will allow Smart Destinations’ travel partners to offer these passes under their own brand, giving travelers easier access to affordable sightseeing around the world.

The white-label program is designed around hotels, airlines and cruise partners who now give their customers direct access to both Explorer Passes as well as Go City Cards. These passes will be offered under the partner’s brand and already several big names such as Hilton Grand, RCI, Virgin Holiday, and cruise/shore excursion company Shorex Travel have signed on.

Virgin Holidays have pioneered the white-label experience with a new initiative that began by offering airline customers packages that allow entry to four attractions in Orlando, FL – which is a unique package that Smart Destination does not offer through alternate means. Virgin is calling this the “Do More, See More, Play More Pass.” The idea is to allow Virgin customers a unique experience in Orlando at a great value. Similar to other Smart Destinations offerings, the “Do More…” pass allows for skipped lines and unprecedented discounts on entry fees.

According to Virgin Holidays Executive, Gary Orr, Smart Destinations worked closely with the company to design the pass exclusively for them. They works with Virgin’s specifications and developed a product that has gotten great reception from Orlando travelers since the beginning of the year. Increasingly, tight budgetary demands are curtailing many would-be sightseers from experiencing all a city has to offer and this partnership aims to combat that. The multi-attraction passes offered by Smart Destinations allow for variety and affordability and the new white-label program makes sure that an even larger market is reached.

Currently, Hilton and RCI are working with Smart Destinations on designing custom websites that have brands specific to each hotel chain. This way of offering the same multi-attraction passes via the web will allow customers to compare deals and see the benefit of Smart Destination’s white-label options.

Shorex, based in the United Kingdom and specializing in combination cruise/shore excursion vacations, has begun to develop the same multi-attraction pass for cruise passengers. Going outside of its traditional city market, this pass will be exclusive to Shorex and offer passengers different options at select ports of call. Director or Shorex, Tom Allen, explains that this new option available to UK customers is truly unique and will help his company stand out among competitors.

Smart Destinations plans to continue to expand its market for the white-label option that will encompass all of its 14 cities, such as New York and Chicago, as well as additional destinations tailored to the needs of its partners.

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