Romantic New York: Great Places to Go on Your Getaway to the City

If you are planning a trip for two to New York, it’s likely that you have a lot of seen a lot of suggestions for the “perfect view” or “best meal” or “most romantic walk.” However, while conventional ideas like the Empire State Building á la An Affair to Remember or the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center are always popular, there are many other options to make even a short visit to New York a romantic and memorable one without resorting to cliché.

The Great White Way

So many New York travelers neglect one of New York’s cornerstones – Broadway – in favor of the more recognizable landmarks or stereotypical shows like the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Yet, as Neil Patrick Harris so eloquently sang at the 2011 Tony Awards, “it’s not just for gays anymore.” Broadway offers a rich smorgasbord of fare for everyone from the theatre junkie, to the musical virgin with everything in between.

If you are planning a trip to New York with your better half on any given Friday or Saturday night there are shows that can suit whatever mood you are in or type of relationship you have. Like comedy? Try The Book of Mormon written by the creators of South Park. In to classic musical theatre? Wicked, one of Steven Sondheim’s perennial classics, has been revived. For the more serious, The Normal Heart, which chronicles one man’s battle with AIDS, is an excellent and critically acclaimed choice.

It is never inappropriate to dress to the nines for a show or really to go anywhere in New York at night and paired with an elegant dinner at a hideaway restaurant (see next section), opting for Broadway over massive lines at the ESB can be downright dreamy.

Inconspicuous Treasures

It is no secret that New York is a beacon for culinary talents the world over. Its multinational population paired with its close proximity to the Culinary Institute of America, make finding a great meal in New York as easy as walking up to the nearest food truck. And, truthfully, that is an experience worth having unto itself.

However, if you are looking for a romantic spot for dinner, dining at any exclusive restaurant run by someone with a television show is always an option, but it is by no means a necessity if you want great food. Literally, some of the best places to eat in New York don’t even look like restaurants at all upon first glance. One of the best meals I have ever had in New York was at an Italian restaurant that was somewhere in the vicinity of Grand Central and found randomly because I was hungry and on my way to the train. The place was vertical (the waiters literally took an elevator between tables and the kitchen) and not easily seen to the untrained eye, but the food, the atmosphere and the experience were like none other. I’ve been to B.B. Kings, the big restaurants in Times Square, they all blend into one after awhile, but not this place.

The key to a unique eating experience, a romantic and memorable eating experience in New York is observation, a little risk, and an open mind. Look for places people who know where they are going to flock. Ask doormen for uncensored recommendations. You will not be disappointed.

Remember the Outer Boroughs

So many people when they come to New York fixate on Manhattan. And while most of what tourists associate with the City is found on this tiny island, its real treasures are on the outside. There are many places in Brooklyn with food that will leave you wishing you could eat more, the Botanical Gardens in Flushing, Queens are unmatched in beauty, and even Monument Park at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx can woo a die-hard baseball fan.

Getting to the outer boroughs alone can be a unique experience. Anyone visiting New York needs to take at least one taxi. If you’re brave, the subway is another option that will usually make for good stories around the family holiday table. The system is not even close to the best in the world, but it has a personality all its own that is worth seeing. Plus, the people who live outside of Manhattan will usually provide a different perspective on the New York experience.

Bottom Line: It’s All About You

Sometimes the experience of just being together among a population as vast as New York’s can be romantic in itself. The important thing is not to limit yourself when deciding where to go, how to get there and what to do. There is so much that this city has to offer beyond the emblematic that a little research specific to your tastes can uncover. So make sure that when you plan your trip, you look at yourselves and what you like. That is the true key to unlocking romantic New York.

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