Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg

Brooklyn Unplugged Tours operates the popular Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg. This two-hour guided walking tour provides an introductory overview of all that makes Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood such a noteworthy place. Among the Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg’s highlights are attractions like the Williamsburg Smorgasburg, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn Brewery, Marsha P. Johnson State Park (formerly known as East River State Park),and the famous Williamsburg Bridge

Why take a tour of Williamsburg

Today, Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is widely considered one of New York City’s hippest districts, the sort of area where discerning foodies flock, nightlife enthusiasts congregate, and hot new trends are launched. However, this hasn’t always been the case. For much of its recent history, Williamsburg was a working-class neighborhood. Toward the end of the twentieth century, artists began to find the area attractive for its affordable rents. Shortly thereafter, changes to New York City zoning law enabled the construction of mixed-use high density residential buildings. As a result, the past two decades have witnessed the gentrification of Williamsburg’s once affordable blocks. Brooklyn Unplugged Tours’ Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg doesn’t shy away from tackling this sensitive subject, showcasing the many complex sides of Williamsburg’s remarkable contemporary transformation.

What’s you See on the Walking Tour in Williamsburg

Your Brooklyn Unplugged Tours’ Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg meets alongside a white storefront at 548 Driggs Avenue, which is located between North 7th and 8th Streets in Brooklyn. The tour runs seven days a week. It departs each day at 3:00pm, and lasts approximately two hours. During winter months the tour is sometimes scheduled for 1:00pm, so be certain to check the Brooklyn Unplugged Tours official website in advance of your visit for the most up-to-date information.

In short, the Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg can be said to focus on four major themes: the basic history of Williamsburg, a general overview of the neighborhood, its trendiest shops, and emblematic examples of local street art. Along the way, you’ll learn about Williamsburg’s past as a manufacturing hub, as well as the immigrant communities that built the neighborhood throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

As the Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg shifts its focus to more contemporary times, your guide will share insight into what makes the neighborhood tick today. You’ll hear about the area’s extensive gentrification over the course of the past couple decades while catching a glimpse of numerous local boutiques, small businesses, and trendy bars and restaurants. Plenty of time on the tour will also be dedicating to observing some of Williamsburg’s vibrant and creative street art.

Tips for taking the Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg

  • Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour is included on several money saving tourist passes including the New York Pass, Go NY All-Inclusive Pass, NYC Sightseeing Pass and NY Explorer Pass
  • Unlike a number of other popular New York City guided walking tours, the Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg doesn’t run during inclement weather. If your tour is cancelled due to weather conditions, you’ll receive your choice of either a full refund on your ticket or the opportunity to rebook your reservation at no extra charge.
  • Brooklyn Unplugged Tours does not recommend their Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg for children under the age of 11 years old. This is on account of the variety of so-called “mature information” that is discussed during the tour.
  • Finding parking in New York City can be quite the undertaking for locals and visitors alike—so when in doubt, utilizing public transportation makes a lot of sense. All the same, street parking can often be found in Williamsburg. For more information about locating street parking in advance of your Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Unplugged Tours suggests contacting them directly.
  • Brooklyn Unplugged Tours is happy to work with visitors seeking an alternative tour experience. To that end, they also offer their Best of Brooklyn Walking Tour in Williamsburg as part of private group tour and as a “virtual experience.” Contact Brooklyn Unplugged Tours directly for more details or to make arrangements.

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