“Build Your Own Ticket” Option an Excellent New Addition to the NY Explorer Pass

Smart Destinations, the company responsible for the Explorer Passes now available in 13 different U.S. cities including New York, introduced a new addition to their tourist options in April of 2010. Known as the “Build Your Own Ticket” option, this custom pass can be created at all 13 of the cities Smart Destinations serves, offering unique discounts to some of the most sought-after attractions in each town. This new tourist discount product offers unprecedented specificity in terms of tourist pass options and is a unique element of the Explorer Pass line.

By visiting BuildYourOwnTicket.com, travelers are allowed to choose their destination city and are then taken to a page that specifically designs a discount ticket for them and their unique needs. Similar to the original Explorer Pass, the Build Your Own Ticket, allows travelers to visit up to 10 destinations from among the hundreds offered by the company, with the discount rate increasing with each additional sight added. Of specific interest to New York-bound vacationers, the Build Your Own Ticket from Explorer Pass offers discounted entry to 43 attractions which include the Empire State Building, Central Park Bike Rental, the Statue of Liberty Cruise and Madame Tussauds.

Like the Explorer Pass, the Build Your Own Ticket is transformed into a smart card that allows users to enter into each of their chosen destinations and eliminates the need to carry a lot of cash around. Once completed, the card will be sent to the user ahead of time along with the associated guidebook that has always been available for Explorer Pass users. There is no other fee associated with seeing these sights. Everything is covered under the Build Your Own Pass purchase.

In addition, when purchasing the card, users are given a unique function that allows them to physically see the cost comparison between the Smart Destinations Build Your Own Ticket card and general admission prices. This allows them to build a card with the best discount and leaves them feeling good about the choices they make.

“This new approach is just another way to empower the traveler to see and do what they want for less. People are accustomed to that with flights and hotels. Smart Destinations makes it clear the opportunities don’t end there.” The main goal of the Build Your Own Pass option is to allow customized travel experiences at deep discounts and this new level of control over the tourist experience merely adds to that precedent.

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