The Bronx, NYC Borough Guide

Situated across the Harlem River from Manhattan, the Bronx is New York’s northernmost borough and the only one of the city’s five boroughs to be located primarily on the mainland of the United States. If the Bronx were its own standalone entity, it would comfortably rank as one of the ten most populous cities in the entire United States. As it is, the Bronx is but the fourth most populated New York City borough, a bustling area renowned as the birthplace of hip hop that’s also home to a handful of notable sightseeing destinations and prominent neighborhoods like Riverdale and Little Italy. Though the Bronx is quite densely populated, remarkably enough most estimates report that between twenty and twenty-five percent of the borough is made up of parkland.

New York City – May 18, 2019: Heinrich Heine Fountain also known as Lorelei Fountain in Bronx, New York City. It is dedicated to the memory of the German poet and writer Heinrich Heine.

Several major New York City attractions are located within the Bronx. One of the largest zoos anywhere in the United States is here: the Bronx Zoo covers nearly 300 acres, contains approximately 6,000 animals from across roughly 700 species, and features a Children’s Zoo, Zoo Shuttle, and regular live feedings. Right next door to the Bronx Zoo is the New York Botanical Garden, a can’t-miss destination for anyone with a love for plants. Comprised of over 50 distinct garden spaces, the New York Botanical Garden is a terrific place to spend the day. One of the great hidden treasures of New York City is to be found in the Bronx, too. Wave Hill, a 30-acre estate nestled along the Hudson River in the northwest Bronx not far from Van Cortlandt Park, possesses beautiful gardens and scenic views of the New Jersey Palisades.

And of course, where else could the world-famous “Bronx Bombers” call home but the Bronx? That’s right, the fabled New York Yankees—the most successful team in Major League Baseball history—play their home games at hallowed Yankee Stadium in the heart of the Bronx. Even if there isn’t a game scheduled for the day you’re planning on visiting, you can still go on a tour of Yankee Stadium that lets you view historic memorabilia, stroll through Monument Park, and sit in the dugout just like your name was Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, or Aaron Judge.

Speaking of tours, many visitors decide to explore the Bronx by going on a guided tour of the borough. Multiple companies operate bus tours that’ll take you through the Bronx as part of a larger city-spanning excursion. There are also specialty tours available that focus on specific subjects like street art, food, and more.